Seanchaí - part one

Seanchaí explores the traditional Irish storytelling tradition and proposes the contemporary Irish author and poet as seanchaithe.

A Seanchaí (pronounced shan-ack-ee) is a traditional Irish storyteller, a bearer of lore. The storyteller would travel from town to town with his stories, accumulated over years, adding to them each time they were told. Myths, origins, historical lessons, current events - all would get twisted together as he forged fantastical adventures, sculpting language to give each character their distinct voice.

Seanchaí part one was premiered at the University of East Anglia, Norwich. Eternal thanks to John McKelvie who helped gather the following ensemble of amazing musicians:

Jonathan Baker (Baritone), Férdia Stone-Davis (Hurdy-gurdy/sopranino recorder), Chris Goodman (Eb/Bass Clarinet), Graeme Boyd (Bass Trombone), Zami Jalil (Viola), Sara Hajir (Cello), Mercedes Carroll (Double Bass), Jason Dixon (Storyteller/electronics/visuals)