Not a mutant in sight...

1999 was a good year in Formula One (unless you were Michael Schumacher). Instead of the usual Michael Schumacher / Mika Hakkinen battle for the championship, fans were treated to a third contender for the title in the shape of Eddie Irvine. A great start to the season and a (un?)lucky accident at Silverstone found Eddie Irvine in the no.1 driver seat at Ferrari, with a good chance of winning the drivers championship. All of Ferrari's resources were thrown behind the Ulsterman. Everything went well - Irvine consistently finished in the points, Hakkinen had a run of dnf's - and the title appeared to be coming to Irvine. However, after a run of disasters for Ferrari and better performances by Hakkinen, the title chase continued all the way to the final race. Hakkinen won, and took the championship by 2 points.

Not a mutant in sight... develops this theme and explores the feelings I experienced at the time. It is in two distinct parts, each lasting just over 4 minutes; the first section is quite restrained and slow moving, the second section is free and aggressive.