Jason Dixon is a composer, performer, programmer, sound engineer, and educator based in Norwich, England. He explores the relationship between art, society and technology (in the broadest sense) through composition, performance and writing.

His compositional work explores issues of language, perception and memory in music. More recently he has been focusing on the Irish storytelling tradition and its place in contemporary Ireland. As part of this, SeanchaĆ­ was premiered at the University of East Anglia in 2010. Featuring both ancient and contemporary texts, SeanchaĆ­ explores the traditional Irish storytelling tradition and proposes the contemporary Irish author and poet as seanchaithe.
He is a keen improviser, circuit-bender and SuperCollider enthusiast, performing regularly as a solo artist, in the trio Electro Nachos and the Defunkt Letter Yogh, as part of the duos Curious Collections, The Raw and the Cooked and JDTJDJ, or as part of the network ensemble JackSon 4. Jason has also performed with the Belfast Legion for Improvised Sights and Sounds (BLISS) and primitiveFailed.
Jason works as a web developer (front-end and back-end) with Cluster Digital Ltd and has built websites for Fujifilm, Interflora, Yorkshire Tea and others. He enjoys creative uses of technology and specialises in websites/applications with highly interactive components. Programming also features heavily in his music making, his language of choice being SuperCollider.
Sound Engineer
He previously worked as a technician at the Sonic Arts Research Centre in Belfast and continues to work as a freelance sound technician and recording engineer in Norwich.
Jason has delivered undergraduate courses on various aspects of Music Technology and Composition at Queen's University Belfast and the University of East Anglia. Areas of expertise include electroacoustic composition, live performance with technology, SuperCollider, recording techniques/studio skills, circuit-bending and programming for the Web.
Jason Dixon